3 Key Principles To Attraction

There’s more to attraction than you think.

I’ve found the 3 key principles of attraction and I’ll tell you how to use them if you want to win her mind, body, and soul.

Sometimes you can’t help it when you’re attracted to someone. Sometimes you’re attracted to the way someone looks or the way that that person makes you feel. Often times attraction is more emotional than logical. That’s why I wanted to share a few ways that you can make any woman feel an emotional attraction to you. These are what I like to call the three key principles of attraction. And they are as follows.

First, let’s look at what attraction actually means. The dictionary defines attraction as, “the action or power of evoking interest, liking or pleasure for someone.” The power of evoking interest, liking or pleasure for someone. Doesn’t sound too daunting.

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned since becoming a dating coach is that women aren’t as complex as we like to think we are. And that women aren’t as concerned with a man’s appearance, and here’s why. Women tend to lean towards the cookie cutter version of “hot” for flings and short-term hookups, but when they look for longevity in a relationship, looks don’t play a very large part.

You may not realize it, but there are a lot of rules when it comes to attraction. There’s no rulebook, and most of these rules are basically unwritten, but they do exist.


A lot of it has to do with building an emotional and an intellectual connection. Women are pretty open with who they fall in love with. As long as you can make a woman feel a deeper connection and attraction for you, it doesn’t matter what you look like because, to a woman, the way you make her feel will make her obsessed with you and consider you to be the most attractive person.

So here are three ways that you can build some intense attraction with a woman.

1.     Make Her Laugh:

One of the easiest ways to build attraction with a woman is to share a laugh. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, and it also decreases stress hormones. Which means that laughing makes people feel good and relaxed! This is exactly how you want to lay the foundation for any relationship, whether that be long-term or somewhat short lived. One of the major components of attraction is the level of trust and comfort that a girl feels when she is around you. So make her feel comfortable with you by making her laugh.

There’s no better way to make someone feel an intense desire for you than sharing a good gut laugh, the kind of laugh that makes your abs hurt. There is a moment that you should look out for when you’re sharing a laugh with a girl that you like. It’s that moment when you’re both catching your breath after a really solid laugh, maybe wiping away tears, readjusting your clothing because you were bent over in joy, that moment when you’re both looking at each other. That’s your time to strike.

This is when she’s feeling good, laughing and relaxed. If you kiss her after an experience like that, she will associate the positive feelings of laughter with your kiss.  All the while amplifying her desire to be with you sexually.

2.     Make Her Feel Girly:

When a girl feels feminine, her animalistic side is aroused. She feels a primal connection to her natural self that makes her feel womanly, attractive and sexy. How you can help facilitate these feelings is by assuming your masculine role as the more dominant protector.

Telling her that she looks beautiful, holding the door open, small gestures to make her feel special and that lets her know that you are attracted to her and, quite honestly, turns her on.

Let’s flip this for a second. Have you ever been with a woman who has made you feel like the sexiest man she’s ever seen? Where you, in turn, feel like you could conquer anything? Was it the first time someone said I love you? Was it when a woman asked you to open the pickle jar because she wasn’t strong enough? Was it the time when a woman just had to have you in that moment? If you know the feeling, that’s great, because we are trying to help you create that same feeling, but in a woman.

If you want to help make her feel feminine and girly, tell her that you think her outfit is sexy and really accentuates a certain part of her body that you like. You can plan dates for her, surprise her, buy her flowers, etc. These small gestures make a woman feel admired and ultimately girly. This is important too because it allows you to take on your natural masculine role helping you both to feel attractive and needed, which is actually our next point.

3.     Show Her That She’s Needed:

Women, by nature, are nurturers, which means that they absolutely love when you ask them for help. It makes them feel wanted and that you appreciate their opinion on things, which translates to womanese as you respect her, which means panties dropped.

Women deal with conflict and their feelings by talking through them, meaning that they require a lot of emotional support on a daily basis. They like to talk through the most minute details before they can come to a solution and they really like to hear that they have your support.

Compliment her with the right energy, don’t be rude, and don’t “worship” her. Add a “you know I mean that, right?” She needs to take your compliments seriously — you aren’t any other guy!

For most men, generally speaking, they like to have the support that they can solve any problem on their own, and generally like to try and do it themselves. So if you really want to make a woman feel needed then you should ask her for help or for her opinion. Are you having issues with a best friend? Sibling? Co-worker? Ask her what she thinks about the situation. Ask her to help you find a present for your Mom’s birthday.

Make her feel needed and she will feel important, which will ultimately make her feel a deep desire and attraction for you because you’ve helped checked one of the most important boxes in being a woman and that is helping others achieve success.

These aren’t sleazy ways to trick women, they’re just simple things that you can do right away that will increase a woman’s desire for you. Now you have the three keys to building deep attraction with any woman! These are simple, yet effective ways to make a woman want you and only you.

Women are drawn to men of vision and power.



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  • hey Kate! this is Pranav here from India.
    I’m a 20yr guy and here a few months back i found a girl on insta. I even planned a meet up and it went good. But now I’m not sure of what to do next. She is a worker and comes online like only two times a day. Calling her everyday would definitely make her feel that I’m too desperate nor i want to get in friendzone so I’ve been keeping distance from her like from 2-3 days.
    I’m not sure what to do.
    Way to serious for this girl. Please help out.
    love from India..

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