How to Turn a Woman on

So you want to turn women on but you don’t know how?

There are many things that turn women on as we are susceptible to touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. The use of our 5 senses are key to our arousal, but one of the most overlooked aspects about turning women on is to get her out of her own head.

I want to share five ways to turn a woman on. It is important to remember that because we women rely heavily on our senses, the more of them you can stimulate the better.

Step 1: Get Her Out of Her Own Head

Step one in turning a woman on is getting her out of her own head. You can do this by making her feel comfortable and relaxed. We spend a lot of time in our heads thinking, stressing, just overall worrying, which takes away from time with you. If you can make her laugh and feel carefree by some act of spontaneity, then I’m sure you can get her out of her head, and she will be thankful you did.

This isn’t an impossible task only accomplished through Jedi mind tricks; it’s actually very simple, and these next few moves will help you in getting her out of her own head and focus her attention on you.

The first step is to get out of your own head, stop worrying if she likes you, and start living in the moment.

Step 2: Take Control

Step two in turning a woman on is to take control of the situation. Because women can be in their head so much, when a man takes control and we don’t have to think or make a decision, we are jolted into reality and the present moment.

You might be asking yourself, what does she mean by take control? By taking control, I mean invite her to get dressed and that you’re going out for dinner, don’t ask her, tell her. Have confidence in your conviction, even if it flops. We appreciate effort more than anything. However, taking control does not mean giving commands; it means offering positive suggestions. “Hey, let’s go out tonight. Dinner’s on me!”

This kind of determination and certainty can really stimulate sexual tension, believe me.

Step 3: Be Attentive

Step number three is to be attentive. Being attentive means to be present and aware, don’t be on your phone constantly texting other people, checking your snapchat—all of that can wait! By being attentive, you could also open the door for her, some people call this chivalry; I just call it respect.

Women want to be respected and have their worth acknowledged. So if you open the door for her or pull out her chair before she sits down, little things like this really go a long way. Small acts of kindness do not go unnoticed. Women are usually pretty detail oriented and will notice the small gestures of respect and will most likely mirror them, but in a different way for you.

These small gestures really add up and make a woman feel like she is the most valuable person to you, so by being attentive and in the moment, together, you can genuinely enjoy each other’s company and see where things go from there!

Just don’t be overly attentive. This can come off as clingy and is definitely a flirting mistake.

Step 4: Get Inside Her Head

Ok, step number four in turning your girl on is to understand that the way into a girl’s heart is through her brain and then her vagina. Intelligence is sexy! If you can turn us on with your mind, then you can turn us on with your body. I know, I personally love it when a man can share with me something I didn’t know before. And my clients have said that his has worked particularly well for them in the past.

One of the reason why we get into relationships is to learn from other people and, well, the hanky panky, too. If you can hold an interesting conversation, tell some witty jokes, and use a type of humor that doesn’t put other people down, you are well on your way to seducing women.

Step 5: Touch

The fifth way to turn a woman on is through touch. Turning someone on can be like an on or off switch, but most of the time, it is much more gradual than that, for women at least.

Turning someone on through touch is one of the most exciting ways to do it. There are many ways to do this, subtly caressing her arm, running your fingers through her hair, soft, gentle kisses, and even a little tickling of the gentle kind.  All of these promote an intimate, physical contact and work on women; we aren’t that difficult to figure out once you know the basics.

I think there are many more ways to turn women on, and for that I would direct you to the Kama Sutra, just kidding. If you want to learn more ways to become the guy that women want and fawn over, subscribe to my channel and stay up to date with my latest videos! Thanks for watching! I’m Kate Spring and I’ll see you next time!

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