How to Tell if a Woman is Into You

Have you ever wondered if a girl likes you?

Do you feel like guessing a woman’s feelings is like trying to learn morse code?

Well, there are several signs to look for to tell if she’s interested or not.

My name is Kate Spring, I’m a relationship and dating coach from Victoria, BC, and I want to show you how to tell if the girl you like also likes you.

First of all, it is important to understand that men and women communicate in somewhat different ways and for different reasons. Men typically communicate to achieve an end goal, for example, making a plan to hangout; in contrast, women communicate to maintain relationships. So for men to understand some of the signs to indicate whether a girl likes you or not, we have to be open to different ideas.

Ok, here are 7 signs to look for when trying to decipher if a girl likes you:

1. Eye Contact

The first sign is eye contact. This might seem basic to you, but eye contact is a very important cue to read in body language. Eye contact speaks volumes about a person’s comfort level in a given situation. When someone is uncomfortable, eye contact becomes more sporadic. And when there is genuine interest in someone, and what they are saying, we become more relaxed and our eye contact becomes fixated on the person we are speaking to.

You may recall from some of my other videos and articles about how to approach a woman, we discussed how important it is to create a comfortable space to have the kind of conversation that makes people want to share with you. If she wants you, chances are her eye contact will be fixated on you. This is a key bit of body language you need to learn to recognize.

2. Touching

The second sign is touching. Touching is a given: if a woman touches you, she wants to be touched by you. And the longer she touches you the better.

3. Laughter

The third cue that she is interested in you is if she laughs — even at your bad jokes. Laughter makes us feel good; it creates a common bond, and if you can make someone laugh and relax them, as opposed to make them uncomfortable, this will increase your chances that you will get a call back.

If she never laughs at your jokes, it might be time to get ready for rejection.

4. Texting

Like I’ve said before, women communicate to maintain relationships, and the number one way we do this is by texting. If a woman likes you, she loves it when you text her.

And for our fourth point of interest, if you are not face to face with your crush, the immediacy with which a woman responds to your text message can actually reveal several things: a) that she respects your time, and b.) she probably likes you.

We have all, at some point in our life, played the game of delaying our text message to seem somewhat aloof to the situation when, in actual fact, our insides are churning with excitement. And if someone says they have never done this, they are lying.

Here’s the bottom line:  If a girl is keeping the conversation going over text, she is trying to create/maintain a relationship with you. When a woman isn’t into you, she will be more aloof, and you should read: “We want you to know we aren’t into you.”  Short answers are a bad sign. The use of emoticons in texting is also a somewhat decent indication that someone might have feelings for you.

5. Her Appearance

How she presents herself is the fifth way that you can tell if a woman is interested in you. I don’t know if this will shock you or not, but most women pride themselves on their appearance. One question you can ask yourself is does she have dry hair? If you’ve ever met me, if I leave the house with wet hair, it usually means I don’t care or I’m just hungover. If you meet up with a girl who looks GOOOD, that usually means she is trying to impress you, which means she likes you!! We want you to be attracted to us.

And for a female, getting ready is part of the build-up of excitement when we are being courted. If we like you, we will get dressed for you. It’s not a bad thing to want to look your best because for many people looking your best also helps you feel your best. And that isn’t a bad thing.

6. Talking About You With Friends

Number six, if she tells her friends about you, that means you’re on her mind, and if you have made it that far, congratulations! You’ve penetrated her daily thoughts. When someone shares stories about you, that means she has stories to tell, which  either means you have spent some time together or she wants to spend time with you.

Generally, when a woman includes you in future plans, that means she imagines some sort of future with you. Even if it is just a group hangout, or like an, “omg, we should do this!” that means she is thinking about you and wants to continue getting to know you.

7. She Will Let You Know

And last, but not least, and arguably the most complex way to tell if she likes you or not, is, wait for it, she will straight up tell you! Shocking, I know!

Women can be very mysterious and confusing, but both male and females have very similar tendencies, and the more you get to know people, the more you will learn that we are not as different as we like to think we are.

This is not 100% of women because the girl who is more shy will most likely allow her friend to tell you that she likes you. But regardless, you will know some way or another.

Now if you see the girl you like doing a few of the things I mentioned above, then things are looking good for you!  

I hope this has taught you something that you didn’t already know about my complex species! 


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