How To Handle The Most Common Texting Scenarios With Women

Caught in a go-nowhere conversation with a girl? Unsure of what to say when a girl isn’t texting you back? Don’t fear because that is exactly what this article will cover. I wanted to shed some light on how to deal with some of the most common texting scenarios that take place between men and women. I want to give you some guidelines so that when these scenarios arise, you have the tools to deal with them and come out on top. So here are 4 very common scenarios and 4 solutions.

Scenario 2. She Doesn’t Text You Back

The first scenario I want to cover is what to do when a girl doesn’t text you back. I understand that this can be extremely annoying, but there are so many reasons why a girl isn’t texting you back and it isn’t always that she’s not interested in you. Although, sometimes, that is the case, sometimes it is just as simple as this girl has had a long day and couldn’t be bothered to look at her phone. She could be really into you, but just not feel like texting. Whatever you do, do not keep texting her if she hasn’t responded to your first message.

You want to avoid blowing up her phone. Sending her text after text after text will only creep her out and show her you lack the alpha male mindset. It’s counter-productive. Everyone texts differently and the etiquette is very varied. A good rule of thumb is no more than two unanswered texts. Then it is up to her to come to you.

Aside from not wanting to appear desperate, this is also important because, in order for a woman’s attraction and desire to grow for you, she too has to chase you. She has to want to be with you and put in the effort as well. It’s all part of her attraction journey that she needs to have in order to fall for you, so allow her the space to chase you as well. Trust me, it will help you out in the long run.

If, after two unanswered texts, she still hasn’t responded to you, then file that one away in the swing and a miss pile. You’re worthy of people’s time so don’t degrade yourself by begging for someone’s attention who isn’t giving you the simplest thing as a response. You don’t have to delete her number completely, but you should put it aside for the time being and maybe you could revisit her at a later date.

What to say when she doesn’t respond to your text.

This might sound a bit weird, but you could just text her, “Ha-ha, ok, sounds good.” You want to make light of her ignoring you. You don’t want to get mad, angry or sad, but you want to draw her attention to the fact that she’s ignored you without showing all of your hurt emotions. I’m basically telling you to be a little passive aggressive here. Oftentimes, this attempt will work in that she will just explain that she was busy and even apologize, or you give her the chance to make a comeback. Either way, it’s harmless and lighthearted.

And if all else fails, if she hasn’t responded to you in a few days then pick up the phone and call her. Travel back in time to when phoning someone was acceptable. Call her, and put her on the spot. Or leave a voicemail. People who talk on the phone, to me, are fearless. Millennials nowadays attribute a great deal of their anxiety to talking on the phone or the fear of talking on the phone. So be confident. Call her and go after what you want. If she doesn’t answer or return the phone call or even a text, then you know where you stand and you should just move on.

Scenario 2. She Isn’t Giving You Anything to Work With

Have you ever been in a texting conversation that sounds like this?

You: “Hey, Hilary! Get into any trouble this weekend?”

Her: “Unfortunately, no. Wbu?”

You: “Oh, you know, the usual bank robbery followed by a pretty major diamond heist followed by a family dinner and drinks with friends.”

Her: “Nice!”

You: “What does your week look like?”

Her: “Just work.”

Now, this isn’t a bad conversation, but, as you can see, your girl Hilary isn’t really giving you much to work with in terms of conversation. She’s giving short answers to your questions and she isn’t even asking you anything in return! Hilary is straight up giving you nothing. So what do you do and or say when you’re texting a girl and she’s giving you less than nothing to work with? Well, you keep doing what you’re doing until you, yourself, get bored. You ask specific questions. Why you do this is because asking specific questions usually garners specific answers.

Ask her specific questions so that she can give you more detailed and specific answers. Texting is a snoozefest when it’s up to one person to keep the conversation going and exciting and when it feels like you’re pulling teeth. For example, you could then ask her what a typical workday looks like for her, or what’s her favorite aspect of her job. Whatever you’re doing now, change your approach because it’s clear that she’s losing interest.

Scenario 3: You’ve Solidified a Date–Should You Stop Texting?

Ok, so you’ve got your chick to commit to a date. Now what? Do you not text her until 5 minutes before you meet up letting her know where she can find you seated? I think not.

Some People like to leave all the conversation for the face to face meet up because they don’t want the conversation to run dry. But I think that that is a pretty gutsy way to go about a date. If you don’t talk for the few days leading up to your date, and the time comes, a girl could easily ditch the date and not think twice because she never heard from you.

If you text before the date you get to know one another a bit better without the nerves of being face to face and you also build some sexual tension before you see one another, which is very crucial. So text in the lead up to the date.

Scenario 4: The Conversation Has Gone Stale

In this case, when the conversation goes stale, it is important that you leave it. It’s like a scab, the more you pick it the worse it gets and the longer it takes to heal. Here, you want to leave the conversation alone, let it get some oxygen and heal up a bit from the staleness and then come back to it at a later date where you can instigate some interest and intrigue.

The easiest ways to create some interest and intrigue is through timing. You want to show your girl that you’re busy by not texting all the doo dah day out of boredom. Ideally, what you want to do when you want to re-start the conversation is to say, “Hey Hilary! How are you? I’ve had a hectic week. Haven’t heard from you in a bit and would love to hear from you.”

This kind of text acknowledges that you are ½ of the communication equation and that you’ve been busy and not just waiting around for her text. So when the conversation has gone stale, leave it alone and come back even stronger.


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