How to Make a Woman Sexually Attracted to You

Spring is the perfect time to plant the seed for a budding relationship or just a sexual encounter.

Flowers are blooming and women are swooning.

Now is your time to take control of your life and learn how to make any woman sexually attracted to you.

To accomplish this, we will look at what women really want, how to make her feel feminine, how to confide in her to increase attraction and trust, and, finally, how to touch her to create sexual tension to make her want you

1.     What women really want

To understand how to turn a woman on and make her have an insatiable sexual thirst for you, you need to understand what women want and how they want to be treated. Women want to feel desired in an animalistic way. They want to feel like you want them and no one else.

In women, there is a tension of two very dissimilar feelings. That tension is between being desired and in an animalistic way, yet they also want to be appreciated and respected in an almost domestic sense that craves some stability. It might sound like an oxymoron, but it makes sense once it gets broken down.

man kissing a woman's neck in a steamy shirtless embrace

Women want to have excitement in their life, and they want that chase to happen when they meet a guy that they like. The feeling of uncertainty as to whether or not a man likes her drives her a little nuts, but if you really want to make a woman hot for you, you need to desire her and show her that you do.

How to make her feel desired:
  • look at her deep in the eyes with a primal lust for her.
  • compliment her on her appearance or something that she does that you find extremely sexy.
  • Flirt like it’s your day job.
  • Pay attention to the small things. Women feel desired when you notice the small things that she does for you and/or the small changes she does to/for herself. For example, is she rocking some new clothes or a new haircut? If she is, you should complement her. And if you don’t know, you should pay a bit more attention. She will be more impressed that you’ve noticed these small changes that she’s made over the actual compliment itself.

So the take away from this is that women want to be desired by men, not smothered, and they also want to be appreciated for their actions. If you can show her you want her and respect her, you’re going to make her want you.

“Men are motivated when they feel needed while women are motivated when they feel cherished.” – John Gray

2.     How to make her feel feminine

Women are strong and independent, but they don’t always like to wear the pants in a relationship. That makes them feel more like your mother than your lover, and this creates a different relationship—not one of a sexual nature but, rather, one of a nurturing dynamic. This makes her want to put on her sweatpants not put on lingerie.

Women want to feel feminine. And when they have to take on a more controlling masculine role, their sexual desire decreases. This is one of the principles of attraction. So instead of decreasing your chances of being with a woman intimately, how about we work on some ways to increase those chances.

To make a woman feel more feminine, take the lead in certain situations.

Some ways to take the lead are as follows:
  • Make her dinner. Have it ready when she gets home from work or school. This makes her feel appreciated and lets her know that you are thinking about her.
  • Plan a date. When a man plans a date for a woman ahead of time, it shows her that he wants to schedule time to make sure that they will see each other, and in “womanese,” this means a lot. And it is key in making her attracted to you. Like the quote above says, women are motivated when they feel cherished. So cherish her through your actions, not your words.
  • If you can get a woman out of her head, you have a greater chance of getting in her pants.

man cooking dinner for a woman and her looking over his shoulder

I’m not saying that you have to do everything or initiate every single encounter, but taking initiative and making an effort speak volumes to women. If a woman is not reciprocating any gestures of kindness, and she is just taking and taking, then I think you have a selfish person on your hands. In any stage of any relationship, it’s all about give and take. So give a little to get a little.

3.     How to touch her to increase her sexual desire for you

A man who is not afraid to touch a woman is a man that women want to be touched by.

The guy who is successful with women is the guy that can get any woman he wants because he commands attention; he gives off an air of being fearless and isn’t afraid to state his intentions.

That is the guy that turns women on.

Now that is not for all situations. A little side note here is that you can also be vulnerable once you start to get to know someone. Being vulnerable is not a bad thing, but being needy, clingy and cripplingly insecure is not the way to make a woman want to sleep with you.

Okay, back on topic. A man who takes charge is a man who is not afraid to touch a woman to subtly let her know that he sees her in a sexual way and not just a friend he wants to eat pizza with and play videos games with.

So some ways that you can touch her to increase her sexual desire for you are as follows:
  • Hug as a greeting.
  • Touch her when you want to make a point or get her attention in order to build sexual tension.
  • Some places to touch her are her forearm, the small of her back, her waist, her thigh, and/or her hair.
  • You can touch her, or squeeze her, where her thigh meets her knee, you know that ticklish spot? Squeeze that to get her attention.
  • Tickle her to let her know that you’re flirting and not just hanging out in hopes of being friends.

There is no time like the present to start increasing attracting with a certain gal now that you have three ways to help increase her sexual attraction towards you. Remember that women are motivated when they feel cherished. So show her that you desire and appreciate her through small gestures that let her know that you’re thinking about her. And most importantly, touch her.


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  • This is Great article and advice and we’ll described and written it has worked and no deal has been closed with the woman Ive Been try to attract it has helped to be closer to her I will keep reading on Miss Kate S

    • You got it! I’ll be coming out with videos regularly every Thursday. If you subscribe to my channel you can stay up to date with all the videos as they come!

  • great artical, We are in a relationship and have a deep connection. I am the only person she hangs out with at all except work and meetings. she loves me in every way, but does not have sexual attraction. She says she wants to be attracted to me, but it hasn’t happened. I already do the things you mention in the artical except taking charge i might need to do more of.

    any advice? Were both 44 and want to be with each other forever.

    • Hi Michael! Thanks for your feedback. If you share a deep connection, the sexual attraction will come eventually. Keep building on your connection and sharing great moments together. If you’re committed to working things out together, everything else will just fall into place.

  • This is hands-down the best article on developing attraction that I’ve read. A must read for men. The moral of this is to go for it with all your heart. Let her know boldly you desire her. Strong, assertive, and playful is where it’s at.

    • Thank you Christopher! Glad to know you liked it and understood it well. There’s lots of other good reads on my blog so make sure you check out the others when you got the time! 🙂

      • Thanks for your tips Miss Kate.I have really learned more so far going through your articles.

        I met this beautiful girl 3 weeks ago, we talked, I requested for her number and she gave it to me. Ever since I have been keeping in touch with her, I call her, make her laugh on the phone. We are really getting along. I send her text messages too but not so often. I know too much of these things is not good. I haven’t told her her I like her yet. She goes to work monay to Friday.

        Now I have asked her out twice, she didn’t say no rather she keep saying she will let me know when the time is right for her to go out on a date with me. I want to know, is she playing hard to get or something??

        • You did great Josef! But that’s just a polite way of saying no. Give it a couple of days and try to ask her out again. Take the initiative and set a time this time around. Something like: “Hey! I have two tickets for this Saturday’s concert. Jessica’s been dying to see them but I’d rather go with you.” See what I did there? The idea of tickets already there would mean you’re going out whether she’s with you or not. Injecting a bit of healthy jealousy would make her more inclined to take your offer and once she realize that she’s not the only fish in the sea, she’ll think twice about playing hard-to-get again. If she’s still giving you the same alibi, then it’s time for you to take the hint and start moving on. Keep the doors open though, you’ll never know what the future holds 😉

  • It is all very well saying that she will respond like you said, but in my experience living all my life in the UK, women simply don’t want to be bothered by guys approaching them in bars.

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