How to Meet Women in the Daytime


The typical scenario to pick up women goes something like this: You’re drunk, at a bar, with your buddies. You’ve spent the hours leading up to your entrance at the bar with the shit, shower, and shave.

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You spend your time primping by picking out a nice shirt that you think women will like. You guys get to the bar and you start drinking more. You see all these girls looking their absolute best. You strike out because maybe you’re too drunk or maybe you’ve used an awful pickup line and offended her, mistaking being a dick for being a bad boy. Either way, you strike out.

It comes to be the end of the night and all of your prospects are out the window and left with the hotter dudes with better game and larger bank accounts. You’re then left to scour the bar looking for someone that looks willing to go home with you with a simple nod. Or you go home alone, defeated…

This is why picking up women in a bar is so hit or miss. You’re often getting them at their best, and therefore least approachable.

Why To Work On Your Day Game

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Onto some solutions! Have you ever thought about approaching a girl in the daytime? Or do you reserve it for the dark of night when you have your friends as the peanut gallery?

A lot of my female clients have told me how they rarely get hit on during the daytime. And I was shocked to hear it. I remember a time not too long ago when I was single and in school and would day dream about guys approaching me in the day light, out walking, and even at the gym.

The bottom line here is that women want to be approached. And I understand that approaching them in the daytime might seem daunting, but I promise, when you get good at this, this is the most fruitful way to meet women. And it starts things off on a positive note.

It’s actually quite simple, but it takes time to get good at it. Like anything, it takes practice to actually learn something and be good at it. Please don’t expect that you can read one article, watch one video on this topic, and become a master at it.

And I can’t guarantee you that this will work the first time trying it. You need to get your balance and that takes practice. It’s like getting your sea legs. But, nonetheless, be motivated to do this because this skill will not only propel you with your relationships with women, but also with yourself and everyone around you. Having the confidence to talk to people is a coveted skill not to be down played.

How to approach women in the day time:

The best thing about this type of approach is that it doesn’t require pickup lines or anything special in particular. In actuality, it is quite simple. You approach women with a genuine interest. I repeat, your goal is to approach a woman, have a genuine interest, and make her feel special.

Remember, generally, women want to be approached. There is the exception, of course, of some women who cannot be bothered by you, and you will run in to those is your travels, but the more you approach women, the easier it will be to tell who is more the approachable and who is not.

#1 on the street

The first way to approach a woman is on the street. Don’t stop a couple of women and ask them where the nearest coffee shop is and then strike up a conversation about where they’re from. That is lame and overdone. One thing that never seems like a line and is genuine is going up to a woman, stopping her in her tracks, catching her attention, and just giving her a compliment.

Example: On the street: “Excuse me, I just saw you from across the street and wanted to tell you how beautiful you look today. Whatever you’re doing, it’s working for you.”

Even if you don’t get a phone number or your conversation with this girl goes nowhere, in a world of some pretty abominable things, at least you’re populating it with compliments. And, hey, you might have just made that girl’s day. So keep going and don’t let one bad encounter stop you. the more resilient you are, the better comeback time you have. The more women you can approach, the better you will become at meeting and picking up women in the daytime.

#2 the gym

The second place to meet women in the day is, believe it or not, the gym. Even when women are sweating and grunting and not smelling their best, they want to be approached. Now, the wrong time at the gym to approach her would be while she’s in the middle of a sprint on the treadmill. No, I would, however, recommend that you either meet her at the water fountain, catch her as you are both are leaving, or waiting to use the same machine. You could ask her something like, “Hey, you look familiar. Have we met before?” Then, segway into a conversation with her about what her name is and what she does for a living.

My recommendation for you is to get outside! Get outside and interact with those hot women that you gawk at from afar. At the end of the day, women, above all else, value how you make them feel over how you look or where you approach them. But there is something not so authentic about meeting women drunk at a bar.

For a girl, sometimes it is hard to decipher how genuine a man is when he approaches her drunk at the bar. However, if you do it in the daytime, she will get the feeling that you have an authentic interest in her. And that is one of the best reasons and ways to approach a woman.

You’re most likely not going to meet women by sitting on your couch playing World of War Craft. Unless you do, then congrats, and teach me your ways. Do yourself a favor and get out in the world and meet people! Meet people who will change your world and show you new things. And, remember, all of this requires a certain degree of confidence. Believe in your ability to accomplish these tasks successfully.

And enjoy meeting women in daylight.


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  • A couple of more places I think to talk women is at grocery stores and department stores. At the grocery store, you can ask her how to cook a certain kind of vegetable or meat. At a department store, you can compliment on how good she will look in that dress.

    Will that work?

    • Absolutely Wilson! Those are good choices actually. Women will be less suspicious of you because seriously, who goes to the grocery just to pick up women right? And if they’re less suspicious, they’ll be more open to talk and they’ll definitely appreciate your compliments since that would mean you’re paying attention. That’s totally a plus so you’re off to a good start. Good luck!

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