4 Ways to Look and Act Confident In Front of Women

Do you want to turn women on? More importantly, do you want women to approach you?

I want to help you to become the man that women notice as soon as he walks into a room. To do that, we will look at 4 ways to look and act confident in front of women—even if you feel like a kitten cowering with fear on the inside.

If you’re not confident by nature, you can relax, because this is something that you can fake until you actually become it. Even the most confident person in the world has moments of self-doubt and loathing, but the key is to pull yourself together and fake it till you really start exuding confidence.

1.     Eye contact, Eye contact, and More Eye contact:

What do you do when you first meet a person? Do you approach them with closed eyes and your hand extended? Chances are, if you have seeing capabilities, you look people in the eye and establish a connection.

Remember that eye contact happens before you approach a woman, so this is when your first impression is made.

There is nothing worse than a man who cannot make and maintain steady eye contact.

I met with a male client face-to-face a couple of years ago. He was having difficulty approaching women. When I first met him, he could not look me in the eye. I tried to make a joke that I wasn’t Medusa, and he wouldn’t turn to stone just from looking at me. But he could not make eye contact with me for more than a quick glance. He was fidgeting and looking all around the room and at his nervous hands. He was looking everywhere else, but not at me.

I quickly figured out why he was flailing in dating. His nerves got the best of him and made him look like a wounded puppy—like someone that needed taking care of, not a man who was ready for a relationship with a woman.

Someone with shifty eyes is a clear indication that they are nervous and seriously lacking some self-confidence.

Do yourself a favor and develop the ability to hold strong, not creepy, eye contact with a woman. She can’t read your mind. Nor can she look into your soul and find out your deepest darkest secrets. Making eye contact is one of the first and foremost ways we get to know someone. It allows people to develop a bond and communicates, non-verbally, that you feel comfortable and confident in the interaction. Eye contact is a sign of strength and lets people know that you are confident in yourself.

Making eye contact is one of the first and foremost ways we get to know a woman and make her feel special. It allows people to develop a bond and communicates, non-verbally, that you feel comfortable and confident in the interaction. Eye contact is a sign of strength and lets people know that you are confident in yourself.

2.     Dress with a Purpose:

You can be the best-looking guy, but if you’re that super-hot guy who’s a prick to everyone, no woman will want to spend more than a night with you.

You can’t control the size of your nose or the shape of your jaw, unless you opt for plastic surgery, so stop focusing on the things that you probably can’t change or afford to change, and start looking after the things that you do have control over, such as how you dress.

For a lot of people, what they wear is a statement to their personality. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t care about what they wear, then chances are that you have a somewhat IDGAF (I don’t give a f*ck) personality that lets people know a little bit more about you.

If you smell as though you haven’t washed your shirt in a while, I would venture to guess that you shower infrequently, and your bedroom is filled with take-out containers and stale food.

No offence.

Taking care of some small house keeping things can significantly ramp up your dating life and is one of the traits a woman craves.

well dressed man versus sloppy dressed man

By paying a little bit more attention to what you wear, a woman will take notice and be able to see that you have the ability to put effort into areas that she sees as important.

You don’t need to shop at Armani and wear a perfectly tailored suit like Barney Stinson, but you should spend a little TLC on your appearance when you’re trying to attract women. Don’t break the bank, but dress with intent. Dress like you made an effort to be where you are.

3.     Be Humble:

There is nothing more unattractive than a man who brags about the car that he drives, how much money he makes, and how many women he’s slept with.

That type of personality screams, “I’m insecure!” and “Notice me!” Humble people attract good people. There’s nothing worse than a guy who has to always one up you with a better or crazier story—the type of guy that makes every interaction he has a pissing contest.

Being humble means that you don’t have to be the center of attention, but, rather, you can focus your attention on a woman, and let her be the focus of the interaction.

Being humble is another way to seem confident. It suggests that you are comfortable in your own skin and don’t need constant validation from strangers.

4.     Body Talk:

Our bodies are a dead giveaway about how we feel in any given situation. If you’re sitting hunched over with your legs crossed and have a somewhat small presence, you’re unconsciously letting people know that you’re protecting yourself.

If you want to be seen as a naturally confident man, one of the ways to do this is to carry yourself with a sense of purpose and self-assurance.

It is extremely important to pay attention to your body posture. It’s possible to turn a woman on through body language alone. Keep your chin up, shoulders back, and walk and talk with purpose and intent. Any time you’re about to go into an uncomfortable situation, take a few deep breathes and relax. If your mind is relaxed, your body will relax, and you will appear more confident as a result.


When you do approach, or have a woman approach you, it’s important not to be afraid to engage in some physical contact with a girl to whom you are speaking. There are so many excuses to touch someone.

You can touch a girl’s arm when you are trying to get her attention, to make a point, or to direct her attention somewhere. You can flirt through touch by tickling and/or tucking her hair behind her ears—if you are starting to get more intimate. As well, you could lead a woman by placing your hand at the small of her back.

close up of a man moving the hair out of woman's face

Have you ever been touched by a crush and that touch was electric and sent shivers up your spine? It’s the simplest of touches that stops you in your tracks and makes your body feel paralyzed by that person’s touch?

If you have had that encounter before, that feeling is pretty electric, and that is our goal here. A man that isn’t afraid to touch a woman and who exudes confidence is the guy that woman want to be with. So next time you go out, remember to make strong eye contact with women, put some effort into your outfit and personal hygiene, be humble, and don’t be afraid to engage in some friendly touching.


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