Top 3 Tinder Mistakes

In this article, I want to nip something in the bud and that is mistakes men are making on Tinder. These are the three most common mistakes that I see men making with women. This is what is stopping a woman from swiping right for you. So let’s lay down what these top 3 mistakes are and some solutions.

1. Not Enough Solo Shots

For our first Tinder faux pas, I want to go with one that women talk to me about constantly and that is when a man doesn’t have enough solo shots. Tinder allows you to show up to 6 photos. If a girl has to spend too much time trying to figure out who you are in the photos, she will quickly lose interest. So make a woman’s decision to swipe right an easy one by having enough photos where you’re the sole focus.

Your goal in your pictures is to present yourself in the most appealing way all while giving a girl a little glimpse into your life. A good combination of photos is photos where you are clearly the focus, but you could have a close-up, a medium shot (torso up) and a full body shot. Photos of you out and about, in nature, etc. Don’t use your photos to just showcase your dog. Instead, have a picture of you AND your dog.

Be conscious of your body language in these photos. Do you appear confident or shy?

Avoid pictures that you’ve taken in a bathroom mirror. Those are a no-no. Also, avoid pictures that you’ve taken on your webcam. TRY to get some candid shots of you smiling and or laughing. You’re showing yourself off in these pictures so don’t be afraid to ask a friend to snap a couple of pictures of you.

Always remember that this is your profile and your chance to showcase yourself. Don’t have too many pictures with you and the same group of buddies, again, confusing for a girl to decipher who you are. A good rule of thumb is that your first picture should always, always, always be a picture of just you and your face should be visible in it! And please, do not show off in your photos by holding expensive things. This just leaves a bad taste in a girl’s mouth.

2. No Bio

The second thing that turns women off from your profile is if you don’t have a bio. The bio and pictures are complementary. I’d say the photos are the primary focus and the second most important aspect of your profile is your bio, which should not include your penis size. This is an easy way to get rejected right away.

Regardless if you’re looking for a one night stand or a more serious relationship, a girl is more inclined to swipe right for you if you have something written in your bio that lets her get to know you and your sense of humor.

One word is too short, a three-paragraph mini-essay is too much. Drop a joke or a quote. And if you’re not necessarily the funny type, jot down where you’re from what you like to do for fun in your free time, or what you do for work, etc. For example, “Tristan. Toronto base 6’3 accountant by day, sushi lover by night.”Just make it sound interesting and use proper grammar and spelling. Attention to detail is key and will really go that extra mile in capturing a woman’s attention.

And don’t mention that you like The Office. We get it.

3. Awkward Greeting

Our third Tinder mishap is poor greetings. I’ve recently had a lot of women ask me why men greet them on Tinder with a “sup dude?” If this is your opening line then I’d suggest you stop. This line doesn’t work on women. It sets the wrong tone from the get-go.

A good opening line would be a witty comment and or observation about one of her pictures or her bio. That way you instigate some flirty banter. The skills you’ve garnered when texting women will serve you well here. Don’t just use the standard pick up lines.

If women are on Tinder they are there to try to meet someone. So don’t push her away by saying “Hey there, how are you?” Use language to your advantage. Be in charge of the conversation by steering it into a cheeky and flirty conversation with a girl and this all starts with your opening line.

For example, you’ve matched with a girl named Elise. The first thing to do is to make sure that somewhere in your first message that you mention her name. The next step is to tailor your message to her. Use the info from her bio and pictures to come up with an opener. “Elise, I see you enjoy hiking, spending time with your girlfriends and hanging out with your cat. Is this the bio- equivalent to the dog face filter on Snapchat?” And be sure to leave a little winky face after so you’re not to offend her.

And that is the top 3 Tinder mistakes that I see men making. I hope that you’ve learned how to ramp up your profile in these three simple steps.

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