How To Compliment A Woman

Want to compliment a woman but can’t find the words to do so?

Mastering the compliment is one of the most important ways to win a woman’s attention.

For this article, I wanted to dissect the proper way to compliment a woman because the other day, I was stopped on the street by a man, one that I’ve never met, and he just wanted to tell me that I looked happy and to, “have a great day!” Now, I’m someone who is always very apprehensive when I’m stopped on the street, but this man actually made my day.

His entire approach was non-threatening and, quite frankly, inviting. I felt like I could take him out for coffee and listen to him compliment me all day. It was friendly, without any expectation attached to it.

This interaction added a little pep in my step. And I thought that complimenting people is one of the easiest things to do to brighten someone’s day and it makes you, the complimenter, very likeable. Which is why I thought that I would write an article on this topic.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love to receive a good compliment now and again. They give you a confidence boost that someone has noticed something about you and has gone so far as to tell you that they like it. Knowing that you’re appealing to people, let alone the opposite sex, is a great feeling. Genuine compliments are what we’re going for here. The goal is to compliment a woman on something that is chosen or that she’s worked on and not something that a girl is genetically predisposed to like height, eye color, etc.

The thing to understand about women is that they want to feel special, but they don’t want to feel objectified. The difference is that if you give a woman a bunch of ordinary compliments, like “you’re so hot, pretty, have nice eyes, etc.” She won’t feel special or unique, and it won’t make her want you.

These vague compliments can pretty much be used on anybody. So there is no originality and the girl with whom you are complimenting won’t pay it much mind. However, if you are to pinpoint something that you particularly like about her that she has worked on or chosen, then you stand a better chance of keeping a conversation going and inviting some intrigue. Here are what some specific compliments look like.

1. The Physical Compliment:

“Wow, you look like you’re in great shape. What exercises do you do?”

This one is a compliment on her body but, unlike the overused you’re-so-hot-compliment, this one is paying particular attention to the effort and hard work that she has put in to maintain her physique. This one is especially important to master if you want to date hot women.

2. The Style Compliment:

“I really like your style, it’s very unique.”

Again, here we have a compliment that is acknowledging the thought that this woman put into her outfit. You’re not saying, “you wear those clothes really well.” You’re recognizing that you like the way her mind works in putting her clothes together.

3. The Personality Compliment

“You’re quite witty, aren’t you?”

Telling a woman that she is funny is a great compliment! You’re telling her that you like her personality and it shows that you like something about her that is more than just her looks. It’s a genuine compliment, and it can lead to trust. When you share praise for a woman’s personality, she feels good about herself and, in turn, will want to spend more time with you. Because people love to be around those who make us feel special.

4. The Intelligence Compliment

“I like your perspective, it’s very unique.”

Complimenting a woman on her perspective is another way of telling her that you think she’s intelligent. And this is one of the best compliments to give someone. Who doesn’t like hearing that you value their opinion and perspective on different topics? I know that that compliment would work on me.

5. The Playful Tease

This one is tricky but if used correctly, you can make her laugh and feel special all at the same time. To perform the playful tease, you want to give her one genuine compliment and one obviously joking insult. This is difficult to pull off but if you can do it, you’re showing a great deal of intelligence and that’s one of the things women look for in a man.

Tailor the compliment to the girl. Make it specific so that she feels special. When you’re complimenting a woman, always do it with a smile, make sure it’s sincere and that you actually believe it because the girl won’t buy it if it’s not genuine. Genuine compliments can actually make you seem more trustworthy and not make a woman want to shoo you away, which is ultimately what we want!

Trust is essential when you’re trying to connect with a woman and build a foundation upon which to create some attraction.


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