5 Qualities Women Find Attractive in Men

I’m sure you’ve heard that overly used and cliché description when a woman says she’s only attracted to men who are tall, dark and handsome. Well, that’s not all women are attracted to, and I thought that I would give you a little insight into some qualities, in men, that women find extremely attractive—qualities that make them want to be around you.

So without any further ado, here are 5 qualities that women find extremely attractive in men:

Having interests:

The first one is to have interests. Having interesting interests makes you an appealing person to be around. Now, I’m not going to speak for all women here, but I wouldn’t lead with your love of video games, unless you already know that she, too, has an affinity for gaming. But letting her know right off the bat that you spend more time inside in front of a screen isn’t a great icebreaker.

man playing video games

I’m not bashing gaming! But have some interests outside of that because you want to have interests that will hopefully sync up with your crush’s list as well.

What I mean by interests is things like hiking, playing some form of musical instrument, or producing music, playing sports, testing all the craft breweries in your town, take an art class, or learn Spanish in your free time. Women find men who have interests very attractive because it’s a sign of intelligence, and it shows that you are open minded having a variety of things and activities that you enjoy. It is also an indication that, if you and the girl you’re wooing were to date, you would be part of keeping things fun and fresh by trying new things—or simply trying each other’s interests.

The ability to follow through with things, such as activities, is a far more attractive quality than the person who just says that they will accomplish something and never actually get around to doing it. If you find yourself spending the majority of time indoors in front of a screen, perhaps try something that is screen-free, and see what you like. Not only will this help you attract more women, but it will also enrich your life.


Without a doubt, one of the most attractive things about men is their confidence. Not that cocky, douche confidence that puts people down in its path. I’m sure some of you are pretty tired of hearing about how important having self-confidence is when you’re dating, but for those of you who are new to this and this is your first article, I’ll condense it for you.

Confidence is your ability to think and see yourself performing tasks successfully. It also suggests that you think positively about yourself. Instead of giving yourself reasons as to why you’re unattractive or why women wont’ like you, start telling yourself a different story and quickly your thoughts about yourself will change, and, as a result, the goings on around your life will start to improve as well. This is a great way to gain confidence very quickly.

The less you care about getting validation from strangers and your peers, the better off your life and well-being will be.

Just like what old William Shakespeare once said, “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” This could not be more true in this case. You are only a bad, or unattractive, person if you think that you are. If you think of yourself as a high value individual with a lot to offer the world and the people in it, then pretty quickly that is how you will begin to act.


This is a very important one. If you don’t consider yourself to look like a close relative of Ryan Reynolds, then don’t get too worked up about saving money for facial reconstructive surgery. That’s not what I’m advocating for here. Since we don’t have control over our genetic makeup, work on the things that you do have control over, such as hygiene, fashion and health.

man showering One of the easiest things you can do to attract women is to smell clean and wear clean clothes. There is nothing worse than sitting next to a guy that smells like day old B.O. and salt and vinegar chips when he takes his shoes off. That is just one of the many details that women take note of. Women are attracted to men who smell nice; it makes them want to get closer to you to smell you. HINT, HINT boys, SHOWER; don’t just RINSE!

As for fashion, you don’t have to break the bank or be the most fashionable person in the world, but, like your body, your clothes should be clean. We don’t want to see your chip dusted shirt. Ironing is a good place to start. Also, if you’re not sure about what to wear, there are many stores with clothing on the less expensive side, and you can pick up some neutral basics. What I mean here is get some clean-cut t-shirts in black, white, grey, blue–and don’t forget the clean jeans.

As for health, keep a healthy lifestyle. Women like men who can take care of themselves, as it shows maturity, and being a responsible person who still knows how to have fun is a winning combination. Also, please, please, please brush your teeth! And floss! Having a pleasant-smelling breath is also a plus! I’m going to go ahead and make an assumption that when you like a girl and want to kiss her, you want to make all odds work in your favor. So have fresh smelling breath and get that much closer to physical intimacy.

Ability to make a woman feel important

There are certain types of people in the world that have an innate ability to make the person with whom they are speaking feel like the most important person in the room. This is one of the most important things to remember when you’re either approaching women or dating them. Women will remember, above all else, how you made them feel. 

Women want you to make them feel special, not by buying them endless gifts, or mastering pick up lines, but by listening attentively and making eye contact and remembering things that they’ve told you in the past. All of this goes a long way, a lot longer than any material item you can give them, maybe asides from an engagement ring, but we aren’t anywhere near that yet.

Good sense of humor

For both men and women, a good sense of humor is seen as an asset in dating. This is a quality that is most common among check lists of qualities women want in a man to date. And it is understandable because who doesn’t like to laugh and have a good time?

A good sense of humor goes very far. Humor suggests intelligence. Humor is used in many ways: it’s used to woo, to defeat an opponent in a battle of wits, to bring down enemHumor suggests intelligence.ies, to lighten the mood, and or for pure entertainment, and it is also helpful to release tension. Laughter makes people feel comfortable. Having a GSOH is a great way to set yourself apart from the pack and stand out to women.

man and woman smiling and laughing together

Psychology Today reports a study conducted by McMaster University where the researchers discovered a very important distinction in what men and women mean by humor with regards to relationships. The study concluded that women tend to want a man who is a humor “generator.” That is someone who can crack jokes and keep things funny and lively; whereas, men seek a humor “appreciator.” That is someone to laugh at their jokes. Kind of makes sense when you put it that way. It’s like two puzzle pieces fitting together to make each other feel good through laughter.

Having a good sense of humor is not only isolated to the ability to tell killer jokes, but it is also the ability to laugh at yourself—not taking yourself too seriously. If you don’t possess an arsenal of witty jokes and your comebacks are what some would call lame, don’t fret. You can watch comedy specials and learn that way, or read books from author’s who have a funny way of telling stories and describing the world.

There are tons of other qualities that women find attractive in men, these are just the most common ones that have come up and continue to do so in my years of coaching both men and women.

I hope this article has helped you understand women a little better. And has given you a leg up in meeting and attracting women.

Until next time,

Happy dating!


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  • I find that the ability to laugh at yourself is a key aspect to humor. It shows humility and a willingness to just have a good time.

  • Thank you for sharing your insight Kate ( So dear Kate if most women like hearing their name , do they also like reading their names on a comment posted by a #whatscooking good-looking friendly stranger ? hahaha )….I agree that the qualities you mention are attractive to women. I will like to tell you that although it is rare to see a man talking about the qualities that he wants in a woman the majority values ​​the qualities you mention in your article and also consider them attractive.

    I’m curious about the fourth advice. When you have time, could you elaborate more on how to make a woman feel important with more examples useful in everyday life that make her feel important? (In addition to listening carefully, remembering what she said, or the unusual things we do on special occasions or when we want to surprise her). Thank you for your taking your time to read my comment, amiga Kate. Hope to see your response soon Kate.

    Adios Kate

    P.S. Just one more Kate for the road hahaha

    • Hey Dan the Man! Awesome question. Some more ways to make a girl feel important other than those things is keeping eye contact with her when you’re in public and not scanning around the room looking at other people. Basically giving her your undivided attention by not checking your phone. Some of these might seem obvious, but they are big ones.

      Another way to make a woman feel important is, for example, say you go away somewhere without her, you could bring her back a little trinket showing her that you were thinking about her. Making a woman feel important is done mostly through small gestures, showing appreciation towards her efforts. Making time for her even when you have a busy schedule. And later on, down the dating line, showing some vulnerability is a way that you can tell her that you trust her and that makes her feel really important.

      Hope those help!


  • Yep sounds like good advice KATE😊 tell me do you have experience with any clients trying to win back an ex wife when they have pretty much broken all the rules you mention in getting your ex back..cheers from down under

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