How To Attract Women If You’re Ugly

This is a question I get all the time. If you’re an ugly guy do you have any hope of attracting beautiful women? Should you just give up now?

Believe it or not, there are several ways to get beautiful women, even if you’re ugly, but you need to take a different approach than most men.

How To Attract Women If You’re Ugly

In this article I’m going to highlight a few strategies that will make it easy to attract beautiful women.

Choose wisely

The honest truth is that many women will be instantly turned off by your looks, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t women out there who will be attracted to you. You just need to find them.

This means don’t go after women who you already know aren’t interested and if a woman tells you to back off, move on and find someone new.


There are plenty of women who will be attracted to you so don’t waste your time on those who aren’t.

The women you’re looking for are generally going to be less selfish and superficial. So look for a woman who displays a lot of openness and kindness and you just might be able to win her heart.

Join a group

If you know that women aren’t typically drawn to you because of your looks, you need to find other ways to get into direct contact with women. One of the best ways to do this is to join a club, group, or organization. Whether it’s a cooking class or a water polo team, familiarity breeds attraction. Now you just need to learn how to flirt without being creepy.

If you have an excuse to spend time with these women in small groups, you’ll start to connect on an emotional level and looks won’t be as important as you think. This is a great way to pick up women in the daytime.

Get to know them

If you’re not the best looking guy then meeting a woman and having an instant physical connection is definitely out of reach for you. That’s why you need to make a connection in other ways–through conversation and empathy.

Remember to ask questions and be interested in what she has to say. At the end of the day, someone who cares is one of the main things all women are really looking for.

Prioritize personal grooming

People who consider themselves unattractive often don’t focus on personal hygiene, thinking that they’re beyond fixing so there’s no reason to make the effort.

The truth is that a little grooming goes a long way. So shave that ugly beard, comb your hair and dress your best. It makes all the difference in women’s attraction to you.

Good grooming habits are one trait that all women crave.

Have something to offer

No, I’m not talking about cash. Think of it this way: if she’s not going to get with you for your looks, why is she going to get with you?

This can be anything from your ability to listen, to the way you make her feel, to being really, really good at hacky sack. The point is to become good at something and show it off.

Make a list of the things you’re best at. Do any of these seem like a way you could attract women? The truth is that women are turned on by men who are competent and confident and this is a great way to display these traits.

Work out

As my mama used to say, you can’t fix ugly, but having an attractive and fit body is within reach for most guys.

So if you’re overweight and out of shape, make the commitment today to improve your fitness and work on bettering your body. It might take a whole year but the improvement to your game will be more than worth it.

Plus, regular exercise will do wonders for your physical and mental health and that translates into instant confidence.

Don’t forget the importance of diet. If you’re overeating, it’s very difficult to correct this with exercise. Look at some healthy substitutes for your favorite foods and make sustainable lifestyle changes to improve your diet over the long term.

Adopt a winning mindset

Attractiveness is 90% about confidence. If you can learn to love your looks and accept yourself, women will be extremely attracted to you. So understand that you deserve to be with beautiful women and pretty soon you will be.

This means don’t apologize for being yourself, always project self confidence, and stand up straight no matter what comes your way.


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