Doing This Will Make You Instantly More Attractive

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how a man can become INSTANTLY more attractive to women, and I think I’ve come up with just the thing! Actually, I’ve come up with three things!

If you want to become attractive, you need to project confidence around women. But there are a couple other qualities that I think get left behind in the search for confidence, but ones that I will dedicate some time to on this article.

Be Kind

Okay, so the first thing that you can do to become instantly more attractive is to be kind. You can consider this category to be chivalry or whatever you want. But basically, if you are kind and respectful among a sea of douchebags, you will become instantly more attractive to women. I know what you’re thinking—nice guys finish last. Not necessarily the case. If you show a genuine interest in a woman and are kind and offer to buy her a cup of coffee or a drink without having any expectations from her, you will find that you are instantly becoming more attractive to her.

Holding the door open for women falls under this category. I’d almost like to call kindness chivalry, but to me, this is just respect. If you are respectful, she will notice. Women are used to some men doing things only to expect something in return. Like being nice to someone is tit-for-tat. If you build a relationship on kindness, you will not only make yourself happy, but you will also have a happy girlfriend. Do kind acts. Actions speak louder than words. And if your words are kind, and your actions match, women will be drawn to you.

Dress Well

The second thing you can do to become instantly more attractive to women is to dress to impress. I’m not saying you have to have the nicest and most expensive clothes, but they should be clean and not wrinkled. Under the category of dressing well is personal hygiene. Clean yourself up! Women put so much effort into our appearance, and if you present yourself in a way that suggests you put some thought and/or effort into it, you will be more attractive to women. I guarantee it!

Okay, when I was 19, I dated this guy. He will remain nameless. We’d been together for about a month and hadn’t really been on a proper date. So he suggested we go to a movie, that he chose, that I wasn’t fond of, but went anyway. He showed up stoned, in flip flops and cargo shorts, in the middle of a southern British Columbia winter—not dressed for the cold.

As we go to get our tickets, he pays for himself and walks in, and I trail behind and pay for myself. Then he gets himself popcorn and lathers it in dill seasoning (I hate dill seasoning, which he knew). At that point, I should have had more balls than to put up with this, but, at the time, I was very young, and I didn’t really have a voice yet. Okay, so the date goes on, and we’re in the theater, and he smells like dill (peee yeeewww!), and he tried to kiss me. I was like no! I couldn’t do it. I have never felt more unwelcome on a date or like I didn’t really need to be there at all. Oh, and I forgot to mention, he invited his buddies along too! This is not the way to turn women on.

woman rejecting a man trying to kiss her

Now I told you this as a kind of cautionary tale. You don’t want to make someone feel unwelcome or that you don’t care to be there at all. Your appearance says a lot about that. This story has my first and second point.

Be kind, maybe hold the door open for her, or pay for her movie ticket, and maybe let her get the popcorn. Switch it up. And the second point is to put some effort into being there by dressing appropriately for it and/or showering. Dress like you’ve put some effort into it. Look good, smell good, and be kind.

Again, I’m not saying you have to have the nicest, most expensive clothes, but they should be clean and shouldn’t look like you just picked them up off the floor. Your appearance is all about presentation and making a good impression. You don’t go to a restaurant and have food just thrown on the plate. No, you go for good tasting, quality food that is presented in an appealing way. This is something that you need to understand to become a successful ladies man.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

A woman likes to know that you can laugh at yourself and have fun. That is not to say that you have to be a total buffoon or the class clown. But going with the flow and not taking yourself too seriously is such an attractive quality in a man.

If you’re too full of yourself, a most women will lose interest in what you have to say.

I understand that egos are a large part of the male culture, but, for women, the ego isn’t as important as you’d think. Sometimes, overly inflated egos do the opposite of what they are intended to do. They are a turnoff! Part of not taking yourself too seriously is trying to suspend your expectations. Sometimes, when we are excited, we can make up these tall tales in our heads and expect events to go a certain way, and if our expectations aren’t met, we are left disappointed.

Being resilient and being able to laugh at situations and not get frustrated is a very attractive quality. Your ultimate goal here is to attract a girl, not to turn her away from you. And being able to laugh at the situation, and yourself is highly attractive. It also lightens the mood and makes your girl feel more comfortable around you. Not to mention that it sets you up for whatever happens, success or failure.


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  • Hey, i have an question. My ex had broken up with me & since then i maintain a period of 4 month of no contact with.. then last night i send her a good reminder text and suddently she says that “are you tring to avoid me?? So do u want break the friendship also??” I think she got angry on me.. can u help me plzz. I really want her back…

    • Hi Sudip! That’s a really strong reaction for a simple text. I think she misses you a lot and she’s just acting out. You can send her a short reply saying you needed time for yourself and you were busy. But you don’t have to explain any further than that.

  • Ok, i will do as you say.. but what i need to do next?? I really love her and want her back.. is there any chance?? And thanks a lot for your precious advice madam…

  • The way i see it is , simply make friends first, this and sincerity cuts down on the rejection factor and if you arnt ther cup of tea they can hook you up with one of there friends.

  • bro.. can i ask a question of your advices.

    The question is : I met the girl last month. and we hang out sevreal times so far. mostly she asked me out for the language exchnage. So the girl asked me to see the movie last week. I just asked her today ,I said :”Hi,do you want to watch the movie” Kingsman “and try the free electric motorcycle this week? ”
    She said :” I don’t have time because I have a lot homrworks. Thank you 🙂 ”
    I said :” you are welcome. Good luck with homework. If you will have any questions about homework you can let me know. We can practice English and Chinese when we have free time 🙂'”
    So I just try to be nice..but I feel a bit frustrated can’t know if will I have the chance to meet her in the future. I will try to ask her for the language exchange next time like next week or when I m free then.

    * I want to ask you about few questions :
    1. what should I do with her is better for the situation?

    2. She said she wants to see the movie but then she refused because she is busy . Is a normal thing or is a bad sign?

    3. Anything what should I do that can have the relationship with her succeed in the future ?

      • Hi Kate. Thank you for advices. You are totally right. I really like your videos and articles which helps me a lot with logic and science. Do you have any contacts like email or facebook for asking questions and learning from each other in the future ? Thank you

          • Hi Kate. I try your advices and it really works which also help me to improve a lot . It is getting better for the relationships between girls who I like and me.
            I got your email and it talked about the system which called ” Sxxy on the first date”. I read the video but it didn’t mention the system clear. I feel a bit curiously about the system.

            Do you know what is the system? And how to use the system in real life ?

            If the man has interested in the girl who he likes.what should the man do if the girl is a single or has the boyfriend ?

            Thank you 🙂 ^^

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