Where to Meet Attractive Women

Are you tired of going out with your same group of friends and meeting the same type of women?

The type that are only interested in your one friend who already has a girlfriend?

group of men surrounding a woman at the bar

If this is you, don’t worry because I’m here to help. I want to dispel some of the myths around where to meet “hot women,” ones to turn into your girlfriend. So let’s discuss some prime places to meet hot women.

I remember a time in my recent past when my sister and I were both single, and we were tired of meeting the same type of guys. Ones with fleeting emotions. Guys that settled momentarily on you and a second later moved on to the next.

Looking back on those times and those experiences, I asked myself where I spent most of my time trying to meet my potential boyfriend, and my answer was the bar. That might have been my first mistake.

So, in my life, I have yet to meet someone at a bar and create a meaningful relationship. As someone looking for a relationship, more often than not, bars are a good way to take your mind off of someone. But bars are a poor foundation to start something meaningful.

If you are always meeting people when you have been drinking, you don’t really have a clear mind that will capture everything that is there. You can miss a lot of things and people.

If you’re just looking to hook up, then, yes, bars are a great place to do that. And rather than seeking advice on meeting women of quality, perhaps you should head on over to a video lesson in safe sex. But this video might give you the foundation to pursue a relationship with the potential of intimacy.

Change your location

If you are always looking to meet women in the same place, maybe try somewhere else. Don’t limit yourself to where you might meet someone that catches your eye. Public places are a great start.

With the pervasiveness of social media, dating apps and dating websites at our disposal, I think we have many ways to meet people. It just depends on your particular personality.

Get out more, cultivate your ability to talk to people and work on your sense of humor, and you’ll be able to meet women anywhere.

Meet women through your friends

Meeting new people through your current friends and friends of friends is one place to explore. This is an exciting way to meet people, but it has both pros and cons.

A pro being that things might go well between you are your new girlfriend, someone whom you met through one of your friends. A situation like this means that you have an immediate friend group to hang out with, share social events, and enjoy dinner parties together, yada yada.

The con of this might be the reverse, where you don’t get along. That can create a little tension in existing friendships. But, hey, people are resilient and we move on… hopefully.

Meet women online

I’m actually not opposed to meeting people online. I have a friend who met her now husband on a dating site. There are benefits to it if you have the patience to comb through all the people on a site.

Man holding his phone on tinder

A plus side of this is if you tend to be a shy person in social situations, online dating can alleviate some of the initial stress in meeting people. But eventually, you will have to overcome that discomfort and talk to a woman in person. Because isn’t that the end goal?

Picking a site is subjective, and I’m not here to endorse any site. So we’ll move on.

Get involved in something

If you are looking to meet people, not their profile, classes are a great place to start. Classes such as art, dance, fitness, academic, or even a sports league are a great beginning. Go for it! Join a competitive dodgeball team and see who you meet.

Fitness classes are an interesting way to meet women as opposed to the gym.

Yoga class

In the gym, girls are more likely to keep to themselves and generally don’t want to be approached when they’re sweating and not looking their best. BUT that shouldn’t stop you.

A fitness class, which is generally catered more to women, like a yoga, Pilates or a Zumba class is most likely going to have more female participants in it than men. And while she is with a few girls, she will feel more comfortable and, therefore, more inclined to talk to you or give you her phone number.

This is the time when you need to quit being shy and be willing to put yourself out there, instead of just staring at her from the back of the class.

Look at the women already in your life

Ok, another point, instead of looking for that imaginary ideal woman that you have created in your head, pay attention to your surroundings.

Pay attention to the girls that surround you day to day. The girls that live in your building, the ones that frequent the same coffee shop as you. Sometimes, they might even be your waitress. Who knows? But part of meeting people is opening yourself up to where you don’t dismiss people based on your prejudices.

We have all been guilty of this at some point in our lives. We dismiss people based on what they look like daily. Give people a chance and don’t cling to your idea of what “type”of girl you like. If you open yourself up to more women, you might be shocked at who you might meet. Just be on the look out for indications that she’s not interested before you get invested.

If you’re tired of meeting the same women who lack interest in you or women you just don’t find yourself attracted to, then I think it’s time you change something you’re doing.

Change your location. Go out with different friends. When we go out with friends or do activities with the same group of people, we usually fall into these roles that peg us as one thing or the other.

People are complex, yet they like to simplify life by categorizing and labeling people. For example, the funny one, the virgin, the silent one, etc. If you fall into one of those categories when you are trying to meet girls, I highly recommend you take yourself off that roster, and go it alone.

Go to the library

And lastly, if you consider yourself to be on the shy side, and or an avid reader, chances are that you can meet a girl with similar interests at a bookstore or library. Typically, the girl that likes to read on her night off won’t be reading in the corner of a loud bar while playing line ‘em up knock ‘em down with tequila shots.

So go out, get out of your comfort zone, mentally and physically, and try new things. Be open to the people you meet. You might be surprised at whom you meet and surprise yourself in who you can be.


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