6 Signs She’s Not into You! (Abort)

Have you ever been in a situation where you cannot tell for the life of you whether or not the woman you have spent so much money and time on is interested in you??? I have some ways to tell that she is not interested in you so that you can save your time and money and move on!

Too many people are passive aggressive and have a serious inability to face their problems head on. When I was young, I would have preferred to write a Chemistry exam than to talk openly about my feelings.

And, unfortunately, too many women are still like this today. It’s not malicious. It’s more of an act of self-preservation because we genuinely don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, and we surely do not want to deal with the guilt that follows rejecting someone. So I’m going to share 6 ways you can tell she’s not into you.

She ghosts you

I’d say the first sign that a woman is not interested in you is if she isn’t responding to your texts. This is the MOST passive aggressive way to let someone know you’re not interested. Ghosting is such a shitty habit of our generation

How have we evolved to such a place where this is now considered normal? If you’re not familiar with ghosting, it is the act of just not responding to someone. Urban Dictionary defines it as “fading, or quietly disappearing from someone’s life and cutting off all communication.”  Horrendous. And If you yourself do this, don’t. Have more respect for people and their time. Ok, rant over.

She sends short text messages

Another way to tell if she isn’t interested in you, which you can tell through text messages, is if her answers are short. If her texting is like those one-word fridge magnet poems where you just piece one word together after another. And getting a full sentence out of her takes longer than reading the Harry Potter series in its entirety, then she is not interested in you, and you would find your time better spent finding someone else.

This is one of the texting mistakes that men make, but women are more likely doing it to send a message.

She says she has a boyfriend

There are plenty of guys who won’t take this as an answer, or won’t believe a girl when she says she has a boyfriend. It’s true that some women do lie about this but the truth is, it doesn’t matter if she’s telling the truth or not. Because either she really does have a boyfriend or she’s trying her best to get rid of you.

Doesn’t introduce you to friends

The fourth sign that she isn’t into you is if she hasn’t introduced you to any of her friends. This might be because she’s embarrassed of you or sees no future with you. Or her friends just suck or maybe she just sucks?

Regardless, move on. If someone doesn’t want to show you off, then I think we are entering the friend zone, or maybe she is just not into you.

Lack of eye contact

The fifth sign is a lack of eye contact. If she does not look you in the eye, you have a serious problem. Eye contact has to do with our level of comfort in a situation.

If we lack eye contact, or it is sporadic, then that is usually a sign that someone is uncomfortable, whereas if someone has strong eye contact, then that usually means that they are comfortable. And, plus, if a woman likes you, she will look at you and probably won’t be able to take her eyes off of you.

She doesn’t try to look her best

Jim Carey Meme Ok, the sixth sign that tells you that you should abort the mission is if she puts no effort into her looks. Most of the time, women will dress up for any situation where the two of you are hanging out. It is a way for her to show you that she is interested in you without having to say it. So if she is putting little to no effort in, I think you have entered the friend zone, my friend.

She doesn’t listen

There is one more that I will mention before I leave you, which is an obvious indication that she is not interested in you and that is when she doesn’t pay attention when you’re talking, especially in a group setting. If you are hanging out and you hear the word “What?” come out of her mouth as a question and not with an exclamation point at the end, she is not listening to you.

And as for a group setting, if she is constantly listening to someone else talk and not engaging with you, then she is most likely avoiding you and doesn’t care what you have to say. People can be pretty ruthless, and these are some of the ways that we can see it.

People can be pretty fickle, but by being able to spot some of these actions early on, hopefully you can save yourself from some heartache. Women don’t want to be vicious; our human nature has just evolved to such a place where we no longer feel comfortable being honest with people if we think it will hurt their feelings. And this is especially true for the girl that is the people pleaser.

So it is somewhat selfish if you think about it; I did this. I would avoid turning someone down in fear of hurting their feelings because I couldn’t handle the guilt.  But if you pursue a woman, you have to learn to face rejection and not make it someone else’s problem. Own it and move on. Plus, you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who exhibits these behaviors early on, or at all because this is a sign of selfishness.

In any case, it’s better to try your best to be the best partner she can be early on, rather than wait for her to lose interest.


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