How To Approach A Group Of Women

There is nothing more intimidating than a group of women who are beautiful, laughing and only engaged with each other. If you’re out and about and you see a group of women who are friends, their friendship is like a force field that says don’t eff with us. So I can only imagine how difficult it must be to muster the courage to approach a group of women when one of those women, in particular, has caught your eye.

In this article, I want to teach you a couple moves to approach a group of women so you don’t get completely shut down and your ego doesn’t get blended into a million tiny pieces from offending one of them.

Approaching a group of women is an art form. And your goal is to win over the entire group. If you approach one of the women and ignore the rest, a couple things can happen. One, you can make other women jealous that only their one friend got the attention. Secondly, that puts the other women in defense mode. Because you are essentially an intruder in the group, if you approach one, you look predatory and the friends of the girl you like will most likely try to get rid of you and protect her.

Step 1: Approach The Group

So your first task is to approach the group and win them over. How you do this is by cracking a joke or just a witty comment. For example, you could approach the group and say, “you guys, this is so us, you talking about me and me standing here looking pretty.” Or you can say whatever you want that will break the ice with a group of women.

You want to open with something that invites a laugh and some banter.

From there, once you have the group chatting and laughing and you’re included in the conversation, you can make a little joke about the girl you like and want to isolate. By saying something about the one you like, perhaps she’s disinterested at first or playing it cool, say something like, “omg, how do you put up with this one? She is so rambunctious!” Your delivery here is essential. You do not want to have a serious tone. You want to have a smile and maybe cap it off with a laugh.

Winning over the friend group is important because if the friends like you, then they will encourage their friend to get to know you on a one on one level. Which is ultimately what you want.

Avoid making sexist, misogynist jokes and or jokes that put other people down. You want to add value to the conversation, not bring it down and other people with you.

Step 2: Isolate The One You Want

Now that you’ve won the group over with your charm and wit, it’s time to isolate the girl that you want. While everyone is chatting amongst themselves you can slowly focus your attention on the one that you like. You can do so by paying her a compliment. Saying something like “I like your dress.” That might be pretty basic, or you can ask her a question like, “would you rather stay here and talk to your friends some more, or go and get a drink with me?” Or a cup of coffee or whatever situation you’re in, try to tease her away from the crowd. And, since you’ve already won over her friends, they will most likely encourage her to go with you.

And that, my friends, is how you approach a group of women and chat up the one that catches your eye.


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