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Dating Advice For Men From Women

Are you tired of being utterly confused by women in the dating world? Are you unsure of how to handle yourself in situations with women? In this article, three women give men some very valuable dating advice that many women want men to know.

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How to Text a Girl You Just Met

Are your palms sweaty and knees weak when you try to text a girl that you like? Find out my four simple steps to texting the girl you like and just met.

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5 Qualities Women Find Attractive in Men

Are you confused by TV, Movies, and Magazines about what women want and find attractive in men? In this article, I’ve compiled 5 of the most common qualities that women find attractive in men to give you a leg up in the dating world.

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How to Meet Women in the Daytime

When you go out to meet women is it always at nighttime? Do you rely pretty heavily on alcohol for liquid courage? Find out the most effective time of day to meet and pick up women.

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Why Having a Type is Holding You Back

Have you ever considered that why your dating life is failing right now is because you are too focused on finding the perfect woman that fits all of your qualifications? Find out why having a type is holding you back in the dating world. And how it prohibits you from possibly meeting the girl of your dreams.

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