How To Pick Up Women

I thought it was about time that I released a video that outlines how to pick-up women. Because, well, I think that this is one of the very first steps you need to master in order to meet your ideal woman! This article outlines how to pick up women, and it gives you a couple of different strategies to try out so that you can find the one that works the best for you.

There is so much information out there on how to pick up women. This information comes in different forms from sleazy pick-up lines to the debate between day game and night game or whether or not to open with a compliment.

I want you to decide what works best for you. So I’ve broken down a few pick-up strategies for you to try out and find which one you like the best.

And don’t worry, if you were confused by any of the terms stated above, you can rest assured because they will all be explained in due time.

Alright, for the first part of this article I want to discuss day game versus night game. Day game is exactly what it sounds like. It means to pick up women during the daytime. On the other hand, night game refers to picking up women in the evening and usually involves a bar or a club.

There are advice givers that advocate for one over the other, and it is usually pick-up artists that recommend day game. And for the most part, I would agree, but I would be a hypocrite if I said that people never met a future partner in the party scene. I know of a lot of clients who were successful at both. But, today, I have 3-day game strategies for you to try and see how they work.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it is a good stepping stone for you to figure out what works and doesn’t work for you. I’m essentially asking you to practice approaching women. The more you do it, the better you will get at it. Along that road, however, you’re going to run into some speed bumps, and those speed bumps are rejection. Sometimes traveling on that road might feel like one-speed bump after the next, but the more experience you have, the more resilient you will become, and the better at approaching women you will get. So treat the whole experiment as a game. Try to prove to you and only you how well you can do at this.

Here, then, are three different types of day game approaches for you to try.

Approach #1: The Lost Puppy

The first is the direction question or as I like to refer to it as the lost puppy. Because what girl doesn’t want to help out a lost puppy dog? It’s actually one of the qualities women find most attractive.

This one is good if you’re new to the game and you just want to get your feet wet. It goes like this: You stop a girl or two girls who are walking down the street and you say, “Oh, excuse me, can either of you tell me where the closest coffee shop is?” Now I might caution you from using Starbucks because, well, it’s been around for quite some time and women might have caught on. You can change it to any kind of coffee shop, chain store or restaurant. Something universal about which a lot of people know.

It doesn’t matter if the woman you’re asking don’t know where it is because you just used that line as an excuse to start a conversation with her. From there it is your opportunity to transition into a conversation. If she doesn’t know, ask her where she’s from, and what she’s doing here.

One of the benefits of approaching women in the daytime is that there is less competition as opposed to picking up women at the bar.

Approaching women in the daytime gives off a more genuine vibe than say a club or bar. In the daytime, generally, men don’t have liquid courage under their belt, so women feel that if they get approached by someone who is interested in them, they have an easier time responding because you don’t seem desperate to take a girl home from the bar. To women, you’re saying, “I genuinely want to get to know you and not just what’s under those clothes,” without saying those words exactly.

For the most part, single women want to be approached all day every day! So remember that! You would be shocked at how many women actually want to be approached during the day and how often they are not! Most women welcome it at school, while shopping, at the gym, etc.  Women are extremely open to being approached if you are genuine in your method.

This is a much easier way to build a connection with someone. And women want to be approached soberly in the daytime. It sets you apart from the pack and shows her right from the get-go that you have confidence. Also, this is the best way to meet attractive women and not have them just blow you off after you’ve just bought her a drink, as is customary in a bar.

Approach #2: The Admiration Approach

The second type of daytime approach is the compliment. This one takes place on the street. If you live in a decently busy city, the downtown area is a highway of hot women. That is one of the best places to people watch and to start focusing on the type of woman you want to approach. The one that catches your eye.

This approach, first and foremost, takes a certain level of confidence. Your goal here is to approach a woman, get her to stop walking, and give her a compliment, which will lead up to a conversation.

How you do this is you spot the girl and get close enough to her, and depending on where you see her from, whether you’re across the street, behind her or in front of her, you have to stop her without seeming like a stalker and or pervert.

So don’t yell at her from across the street to stop, “Hey, you! The one with the grey shirt on walking the puppy! I think you’re really hot!” No, that is not what I’m talking about here. That’s just going to make you look desperate

What I mean is that say you spot her from across the street, walk to her side of the street, get to where you are just in front of her, and stop her by putting your hand out, but not to touch her and say, “Excuse me, I just had to ditch my friend over there because I just thought you should know how captivating you are, even from across the street.” Or you can lead with “Excuse me, can I just say that you look gorgeous today…Hi, I’m [insert your name].” The compliment gives her an easy out in that she can just say thank you, and walk on, or she might linger while you’re still standing in front of her, which will allow you to introduce yourself, and hopefully, you can get her name and strike up a conversation.

This is a great way to meet women on the go. Because how many times have you done a double take on a woman and thought, “Wow, I wish I had the courage to go up to a girl like that.” Start telling yourself that you can do those things, and, most importantly, start picturing yourself being successful at approaching women like that.

Think of a scenario where you approach a woman with a confident body posture and mindset and visualize yourself making her laugh and getting her phone number. Start to see yourself as that guy that gets the girl’s number, the guy that is confident and charming. Once you start telling yourself this story, couple this visualization with practice, and pretty soon that is the type of man you will become.

Why I want you to practice is because I want you to know what to expect. I don’t want you to think that you can watch one video and be a master pick-up artist. Learning to do anything well takes time and practice. And that is what I want you to start doing. Start practicing. Start with these types of approaches.

Approach #3: The Observation

Alright, and the third approach is the observation. And this can take place really anywhere. Day, night, indoors, outdoors, you name it.

The observation approach basically means that you approach a woman with an observation about her and or what she is doing, wearing, eating, located, etc.

For example, a woman catches your eye sitting down at a table drinking a coffee. You approach her with an observation about something, anything. Is she eating a muffin? Reading a book? The newspaper? Mindlessly checking her phone? Is she working on her laptop? Is the coffee shop her office? There are so many things to observe with people. You can also make a statement about the location. The coffee shop, the park, wherever you are, your job is to start a conversation by making an observation.

For example, you walk up to her and make a statement like, “Wow, your tea smells like heaven.” Or if you’re in the lineup together, “Have you ever been here when there wasn’t a lineup?” Or if it’s raining outside, “This coffee is worth the wet feet for an 8-hour workday.”

Make a statement and/or observation about anything in your surroundings. Then expand upon it. Even if she is looking around like with the “OMG, is he talking to me?” look on her face. “I haven’t found my perfect tea yet, but I come back every day hoping to find it.” And then just ask her what she’s drinking.

It’s so simple, and, depending upon where you are, you can use this method. And the best thing about this is that it isn’t reserved for the daytime. It can be used in a bar, nightclub, class, really anywhere. So pay attention to the surroundings and make an observation, the wittier the observation, the better.

In reality, it all comes down to your delivery: if you’re charming, witty, and endearing you’ll get any woman’s attention. If not, this won’t work for you as she’s going to quickly lose interest. It boils down to being confident. If you walk up to a woman with a sense of purpose with a strong gaze, she will engage with you. However, if you walk up to a woman with shifty eyes, hunched shoulders and a meek demeanor, chances are she’ll try to brush you off. It all comes down to how you present yourself. And how you present yourself is a direct result of what you think about yourself. The key is to think positively and confidently about yourself.

Alright, now I invite you to go out and try these three approaches. Start with whichever one appealed to you the most and go from there. Start by asking directions, or by complementing a girl, or by making an observation and report back. Try all three and see which one you like. The goal here is to get you out and doing these things because the only way you will improve is through practice. And, remember, don’t be discouraged if you get rejected or she laughs and walks away. Approaching women takes confidence, and if a woman can’t appreciate that, then she’s not the right type of person to whom you should be attracted.


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