Kate Spring

Attraction & Dating Coach

Kate Spring is a men's dating & attraction coach from Vancouver, Canada.
Kate is author of the best-selling "Obsession Method" program,
which teaches men how to become irresistible to women.
She works with clients from around the world, helping them get the girl they want...
and the relationship they deserve.

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How To Go In For The Kiss

When is the right time to go in for a kiss? If you watch her closely, you’ll notice her body language and other indicators telling you when she wants you to kiss her.

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Is She Flirting Or Just Being Friendly?

Here are four ways to decode female behaviour to let you know if she’s flirting or just being friendly!

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5 Secret Psychological Ways To Tell A Girl Is Into You

Tired of trying to decode a woman’s mixed signals? Find out 5 secret psychological indicators of interest to help clear up any misunderstandings.

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How To Playfully Tease A Woman

Here are my 5 foolproof ways to playfully tease a girl to spark her interest.

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How To Keep A Woman Interested In You

Find out 4 simple ways to keep any woman interested in you and want to date you!

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